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BIG Basketball Academy

Basketball is all about teamwork - and learning to work with others. The skills that are learned in basketball are invaluable, and can help to improve confidence, self-discipline, and teach participants to deal with different situations both on the court and off.

On a physical level, basketball is an excellent form of exercise, and is beneficial for building endurance and improving concentration and coordination.

About BIG Basketball Academy

At BIG Basketball Academy, our Katy Texas basketball teams are part of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) - one of the largest non-profit volunteer sports organizations in the United States. Our teams are open to girls and boys from 4th 12th grade. We also offer individual or group basketball lessons for boys and girls ages 6 - 18.

Our Katy boys basketball and Katy girls basketball leagues are intense programs. We expect our players and teams to be focused and goal-oriented. We also expect each team player to give their maximum effort.

Our academy is comprised of skilled coaches who will motivate, encourage, and enable all players to realize their full potential as well as equip them with the knowledge of the game as well as what it means to be a productive and responsible team member.

We focus on the basics of basketball so our players can develop and expand their skills throughout their school years.

Benefits of Our Program

Our program motivates and enables our players to realize their full potential. Our players will also be made aware of their responsibilities as an athlete and encouraged to persevere.

Not only does our Katy Texas basketball academy produce great athletes, we also help our students to develop character, maturity, and a sense of fair play. These developed skills will carry participants far in the sport of basketball, as well as in life.

Our goal is to foster an appropriate competition for both athletes and teams, and provide our players with an example of excellence in conduct, management, and performance - all while having fun, and learning the sport of basketball.

"Building teams today, for tomorrow, one player at a time."