About Us.

BIG Basketball Academy is focused on helping players become better players both on and off of the court.

We focus on the fundamentals of basketball so that players can develop and use those skills whether in middle school, high school or at the collegiate level.  We offer year around training and professional coaching. In many cases, our coaches have coached or played at the high school level and in some cases collegiate level.  Two of our coaches have coached separate high school boys basketball teams that ultimately won state championships. 

We like to make it clear at the outset that our AAU teams are not recreational league teams--we run an intense program.  We expect our players and teams to be focused, intense and goal oriented. We expect every player to give their maximum effort.  If you love basketball and are goal oriented, our program is probably right for you.  On the other hand, if you are just wanting to dabble in basketball, our program may not be the right fit.  If you are interested and want to improve your game, check us out.