Mission Statement

BIG Basketball Academy endeavors to provide it's players with a high quality, purposeful basketball program, embodied by skilled coaches who will motivate and enable all players to realize their potential and acquire the knowledge and skills of the game of basketball, as well as, the perseverance necessary to be productive and responsible student athletes of BIG Basketball Academy and life in general.


  • To develop character, ethics, maturity and a sense of fair play as well as athletic excellence.To promote pride in the academy among players, coaches, and parents.
  • To abide by all rules and regulations set forth by the academy.
  • To strongly advocate academic, social and athletic growth while encouraging a Christian lifestyle.
  • To develop an awareness and understanding of the human person, including intellectual, physical, social and spiritual dimensions.
  • To encourage leadership, sportsmanship, fair play and an appreciation of opponents and amateur athletics.
  • To develop teamwork, respect for authority and an appreciation of rules and regulations governing the game.
  • To develop an attitude of responsibility to society.
  • To develop an appreciation for the beauty of physical performance and aesthetic values.
  • To help students gain understanding and respect for individuals from other backgrounds and cultures.
  • To encourage students to become involved in neighborhood and community service activities.
  • To field disciplined and competitive teams seeking superior athletic performance within established rules and ethical conduct.
  • To schedule appropriate competition for the athletes and teams.
  • To have the academy recognized as an ethical leader and an example of excellence in conduct, management and performance.